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Career Reinvention is Possible at Any Age

Transformation is something I witness every day. I see it nature and I see it in my clients’ careers.

You can jump ships at every stage of your career, even after investing decades in your current profession.

I had clients switching gears from bankers to bakers, changing lanes from law or academia to creative industries and so on.

Sometimes the wind of change comes with a teaser. A small hint every now and then, like that little voice whispering into your ear that you can do better, greater, different. Other times, it comes like a wrecking ball. One morning you wake up and suddenly your life feels smaller; it just doesn’t fit you anymore.

The next phase you’re likely to experience is running in circles. Doubting yourself and your sanity 24/7.

“I must be crazy. I have a stable job, a good salary, people like me, my boss lets me do my own thing. What’s wrong with me? I should be grateful! Instead, I feel sad, exhausted, demotivated. I can’t find the joy I used to have.”

And the inner dialogue goes on and on, for days.

That’s one thing. The other thing is that fear kicks in and holds you hostage. The inner critic awakens and puts you down whenever possible. Unwanted feelings come to the surface: frustration, depletion, feeling stuck, lack of clarity, lack of hope, you name it.

The ping pong game between what was and what will be, takes its toll on what is. Torn between a past that no longer defines you and a foggy future you cannot envision yet, you will sacrifice the present.

But let me tell you something: as bad as things seem and feel right now, this is not the end of the book. This is just a transition chapter to a new beginning. To a better sequel. A new life waits for you.

Now you can do it by yourself, gathering and gluing pieces together and gradually finding your way out of this mess. It is doable. I’ve done it myself and came out the outer side a stronger, better and happier person.

But it took me a year. One precious year of my life between quitting my proper, society-approved job and finding my true purpose in this world. I invested in knowing and healing myself, I took classes, master classes and a Business Administration course. Not to mention the piles and piles of books I read, hundreds of notes, strategies, webinars, podcasts, and so on. I did so much inner work. Blood, sweat and tears, the whole nine yards and more. And it worked. It payed off.

I stand for speaking out the truth, the good and the uncomfortable, so I’m not going to sugarcoat this.

It is hard work.

Career reconversion is not for the faint-hearted. There are a million little details that will make the difference, seal or break the deal.

Also, please remember that this is the industry I work in. For the last 14, 15 years I worked in Career Management.

I know the tricks of the trade inside out and yet, it still took me this much time to dig deep and find out what my true calling is. And it’s not just about finding your true purpose, but also about what you do after acknowledging it.

How will you switch careers and still be financially independent? How will you transition from safe to insecure to thriving?

As I said, you can do this on your own. I know you can. We already have all the answers, solutions, and potential within us. The seeds are there. You can nurture the seeds yourself, pluck out the weeds and grow your garden or you can reach out to a professional to guide you through this process. The choice is yours.

The big question to ask is — how much time are you willing to spend in this transition/ transformation phase? How much time – days, weeks, months or years – are you willing to take from your life to figure things out?

Career Reconversion is possible at any stage and every age.

A life lived with purpose is the greatest gift of all.

A career with meaning is the second-best.

You can and deserve to have them both!

Looking forward to witnessing and celebrating your professional transformation.



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