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Now Page – The Autumn Edition

Dear ones,

Autumn days are here, flying so fast, like golden leaves from the trees.

September and October have been full to the brim from a business point of view. Both Dana and I have been on a fast track and blessed with many creative ideas that we instantly agreed to implement.

Some highlights:

  • On September 27th and 28th, we organized a special, private event for our clients. 36 wonderful women joined us from 6 countries. The energy in the (online) room was absolutely incredible! It never ceases to amaze me how easily women connect and interact with each other. I love creating these intimate, social media-free events for my clients, as it is a perfect chance to learn from each other and to connect on a deeper level.
  • At the beginning of October, I launched my first Online Business Retreat. For two days I worked with a micro-group of 5 amazing ladies (one of them is missing from this photo) on their business models and scalability. This program was specially designed for coaches, consultants, and therapists who are in a more advanced stage of entrepreneurship.

Bianca Zen First Business online Retreat for Coaches and Consultants

My aim was to offer a safe space where we could unplug from our daily business life and personal responsibilities and focus on creating integrity-driven sustainability. And that we surely did!

For me, as a Business Advisor it’s never just about the strategies, but mostly, about the foundation and ethos of our business.

Integrity, contribution, creating a legacy, offering extraordinary services to our clients while correctly setting our price points, exceeding limitations, and self-imposed financial boundaries, these are just a few aspects we worked on in our Business Retreat. What is impossible for me to put into words is the energy, mutual trust and connection we built in the time we had together. That is something you must experience live to fully understand. (I promise I’ll do the Business Retreat again. Leave me a DM here if you care to join.)

Women Got Power podcast

  • This Monday, on October, 18th, we kicked off with a new episode of our Women Got Power podcast. The 3rd season is different from the first two (available as audio or video), as it is a solo one with short episodes. We decided to call them #BusinessBites, as I’m sharing with you business insights, advice, discoveries, and strategies as I apply them in my own business as well. 

We added two more monthly memberships within our business, for women who are at the starting stages of their business and for more experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business. These steps came naturally both for my clients and me, as I’m currently in full transition mode to switch from 1-to-1 meetings to group programs.

For the upcoming months, I will work with a limited number of private and B2B clients, and that is no fluffy marketing strategy to get you on booking a call with me, but the full truth. One thing is for certain: pivoting from 1-to-1 sessions to group programs is a rite of passage and I’m giving myself time and grace to go through this phase in my own tempo.

Dana, my talented Communication Manager is focusing more on content writing and planning skills, while keeping an eye on the next titles for #EmpoweringBooks, which is one of our much-appreciated columns on instagram.

Which brings me to the last bit I want to share with you. One evening, after a full working day, I had the idea of launching a challenge (for myself, initially) and I talked about it via insta stories. #offlineafter7 is a personal quest to turn off social media in the evening and to really invest this time with those I love.

Challenge social media free after 7 PM

Surprisingly, 13 ladies were inspired to join me and we report back and forth on our progress every day. To read that instead of scrolling down on social media they enjoy long walks in the evening or read more bedtime stories to their children really warms my heart. If you feel inspired to join us, do let me know. You can tag me or DM me and I’ll happily repost your stories.

On a personal note, my family and I have been experiencing some turbulence. We were in quarantine for 2 weeks, my dad went through a (successful) heart surgery and my father-in-law had his own share of health bumps. However, we remain optimistic and grateful and continue to love Life as much as we can!

That’s it from our part. Dana and I are wishing you days of inspired actions, joy and creativity! May you and your family stay safe and healthy.

Much love, Bianca & Dana

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