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Dear ones,

As we move full steam ahead through the year, I realize there is so little time to keep everything updated here on my virtual corner of the world.

Dana, my right hand and Communication Manager had the great idea to create a Now Page, where we can keep you in the loop of what we’re currently working on and preparing behind the scenes.

For August 2021, the current month, we are focused on Season 2 of Women Got Power, both podcast and video series (available on apple podcast, google podcast, spotify and anchor and of course, on youtube too).

This particular season is an International Edition, as it features Romanian women who are building a beautiful life, a thriving career, and a happy family in different countries.

Our conversations are deep and full of food for thought, so I’d love for you to take a look or have a listening.

Secondly, my focus is still on serving amazing women who are at a professional crossroads, be it in the corporate realm or stuck on their entrepreneurial journey.

I do this mainly through 1-to-1 sessions, but I’ve also created a mastermind and empowerment network, called The Inner Circle.

I decided not to promote it publicly, as it is a tight-knit group of women I’ve personally known for years and worked with successfully.

Last month, we had a free Summer School week with wonderful guest speakers. This 4-evenings event was specially created for my clients, as a token of my deep appreciation of their trust in me and our work together.

Also last month, I delivered a 3-week group program for empowering starting-entrepreneurs in launching their online business this year. This experience was by far one of my favorites yet and I’m proud beyond words of all the progress this first group made.

Third, we joined forces with a global network of professional women, receiving the great honor to be their exclusive partner in Romania. More about this amazing collaboration in September, when we will be organizing a dedicated launching event. I will update you on this as soon as we set the date and final details.

Dana has been a blessing in my life, not just as my friend (which is priceless), but also as my loyal and trustworthy co-pilot. All the progress, the small and great victories we have experienced so far are team-made. We did it together! Among others, Dana signs the #EmpoweringBooks column on our social media accounts, Instagram & Facebook and she does an amazing job with it.

And of course, August is also for summer holidays and taking time off to enjoy with our families. I’m planning a second one, about five days or so at the end of this month.

That’s it from our part.

We’re wishing you a great summer, the best one so far,

Bianca & Dana

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