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Now Page January 2022

Now Page – Winter version

Even if winter is well-known as a time for rest and inner exploration, it also offers the privilege of space for new or different things because, after all, winter doesn’t ask for much. Winter isn’t pretentious, or too demanding.

That being said, for me, Bianca, these two winter months, December and January have been fast-paced and so rewarding! Here are some highlights for our Now Page.

At the beginning of December 2021, I decided to launch a new 2-days program to finally make Sales an appealing activity for the women entrepreneurs I work with. My Sales philosophy employs integrity, ease, and doing things that truly feel aligned with your inner being.

Connection, contribution, and serving.

I called it “Design & Sell Your Best Offer So Far” and it was very well received by my clients. Next, I thought I will be gradually unplugging from business and dwelling in vacation mode, but the exact opposite happened. Life is unexpectedly beautiful at times and my creative Muse visited me more than once.

As you well know by now, I’m a fast-action taker. I have many creative ideas that I implement on the spot. I prepared two free planning workshops exclusively for my clients. One delivered in December and one in January, as a sign of my deepest gratitude for their support and our fruitful collaboration through the year(s).

Then, one thing led to another and I was inspired by the questions I got from our lovely online community on Instagram, so I decided to organize a free private Masterclass on zoom about “Launching with Ease”. In less than 24 hours all 15 spots were reserved, which made me very happy. And you would think that would be all…

But no, during the last days of December, while we were visiting my parents up in the mountains, I caught another creative wave and decided to ride it. That’s how this January’s online Business Retreat, “Plan Your Business Success in 2022” was launched, pre-sold, and created.

I must confess, while I’m writing all this, I say to myself “Whoooa, Bianca! Where does all that energy come from?”. But I know the answer:

All this energy stems from love. Love for my clients, my team, the business we create together, and the wings I receive from up above.

Now that January comes to an end, I still have something to share with you. After all those workshops, programs, meetings, and so on, I have also decided to make a bold move and lead my business to further heights.

I invested in an international business program, for which I worked for the last 12 months. I wanted to get to a specific financial level, where money wouldn’t be an obstacle to my education. And I did it!

I’m sharing all this with you, not to make a parade of my professional accomplishments, but to encourage and inspire you to constantly and intentionally fuel your dreams. Sometimes you can implement things as you go – fly the plane as you’re building it – and other times, you just have to be patient, strategical, and focused in order to achieve certain milestones.

Team good news: today, January, 24th we released the season premiere of the Women Got Power video series and podcast. Season 4 is filled with hearty, smart, and inspiring conversations with women we love learning from.

As for me Dana, I’d like to use what’s left of this winter on focusing on the wonderful column – #EmpoweringBooks. But I’d like to go further, not only for those empowering reading sources you can find in the self-development books, or business books – but also in poetry, in science, in art books. Then, I can’t wait to fill my brand new column on #zengram (our insightful not-so-secret newsletter will be relaunching soon).

Stay close! The year is just starting and we’re ready to take you on a wonderful new adventure with us!

Love, health & success,

Bianca & Dana

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