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Women Got Power

Women Got Power features women in business with a vision and a voice that needs to be heard in the world. These are women I’ve know for years, worked with or are friends with. I truly admire them and take inspiration from them.

We talk about the joy and hardship of feminine entrepreneurship, healthy mindsets and business philosophy, leadership, inspiring careers, creativity and the pressure of profitability. We also talk about fear, the Imposter Syndrome, undercharging and overworking.

For starters, this series is in Romanian, but I’ll be joined by international guests in the near future.

Stay tuned! Every Monday we release a new episode on youtube and upload them here and on facebook too. If you prefer the audio version, we’re on spotify & anchor.

Thank you for joining our conversations! 

Women Got Power Episode 1: How to Surpass the Imposter Syndrome in Career and Business

Guest: Cristina Oțel, Trainer & Coach

Women Got Power Episode 2: How to Express Your Power through Clothes in Career and Business?

Guest: Gabi Urdă, Image Consultant & Stylist

Women Got Power Episode 3: How to Cure the Fear of Exposure in Social Media?

Guest: Alexandra Ciucanu, Online Communication Strategist

Women Got Power Episode 4: Creativity in Business & The Pressure of Profitability

Guest: Dana Păun, Founder of Aer Wear, Designer & Graphic Artist

Women Got Power Episode 5: Manager in Corporation vs. Manager in Own Business

Guest: Alina Rachieru, Founder of Pineberry. 

Women Got Power Episode 6: The Importance of Money & Its Role in Our Career

Guest: Anamaria Ciuhuță, Founder of Financial Parenting 

Women Got Power Episode 7: How do Professional Relationships Survive in a Pandemic?

Guest: Simona Chesăraicu, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher

Women Got Power Episode 8: How To Change Your Career & Build A Business From Scratch?

Guest: Ioana Dodan, Co-Founder The Fab Squad, Photographer & Personal Brand Architect

Women Got Power Episode 9: How to Build a Career Based on Excellence?

Guest: Angelica Banu, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon, Specialist in Reconstructive Microsurgery

Women Got Power Episode 10: The DNA of a Healthy, Long-Lasting & Successful Business

Guest: Claudia Știrbei, Founder of Mama Boutique & the online magazine WoW Mom

If you have any ideas for upcoming topics or guests, please feel free to reach out and let me know your suggestions. Email gets faster to me than any comment on social media, so contact me here.

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